Monday Workout

Recently my husband bought a spin bike just out of the blue because he wanted to go on a health kick. He always does something like this once a year (last year it was the simply fit board) and goes at it for a good month then forgets about it and moves on. Well I’ve tried the bike a couple times and I’m really enjoying it. I usually like to go walking outside but since it’s been so cold it’s nice to have a way to exercise without having to freeze!

My north face was recently given to me from a close friend and I couldn’t find it anywhere on line to link for you guys but I found a cute white and grey one! My leggings are under 10$ and the pattern is so fun! Walmart’s had some shockingly cute stuff lately. I found these nikes at the famous footwear near me for 65$! I love that they give me height and are so squishy and comfortable so I can wear them all day at work.


North Face

Work Out Leggings Only 9.96$!!!!


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