Milani Cosmetics

Recently I’ve been trying different brands of makeup that are more on the affordable side. My favorite lipsticks I’ve found at the drugstore are Milani lipsticks! I’m wearing this lipstick in shade rose nude! All their makeup is 20% off right now so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite products from them. Use code FF2019 to get 20% off at checkout!

My Lipstick in shade rose nude 25

I love this lipstick because it’s a pretty mauvey color that goes with everything I wear. The consistency is nice and creamy but doesn’t smudge too easily. And the best part is they’re only 5.99!

The blushes I chose:

These are 9$ blushes, and they’re AMAZING! I’m used to using orgasm from Nars and these are so comparable!

(Listed left to right)

Coral Cove 05: a nice peachy toned blush. SO pretty for summer.

Romantic Rose 01: my favorite out of all of these! This is a really gorgeous everyday blush it’s a beautiful mix of mauve and pink!

Tea Rose 08: this is a pinker version of romantic rose! Equally as beautiful.


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