Front Door Makeover!

When we bought our house we bought it from a realtor/contractor who moved into this home that had been abandoned for 12 years. The realtor redid everything in our house so it was brand new, but he cut a few corners with little things in our home. We had some cabinet door issues and our front door was painted black with the wrong paint, because it peeled all through the winter!

It was such an eyesore I couldn’t wait for it to be redone. My husband said the best time to redo the door was when it wasn’t cold out so we had to wait a long time, and I almost wanted to buy a whole new door it was getting so patchy and ugly! Well my in-laws are up and we finally had a 70 degree weather week so my father in law scraped the old paint off and repainted it for us! We chose the color “Oslo Blue” from Behr. I wanted something that would pop against our grey house with white windows and black shutters. I’d love to plant sunflowers out front to add some yellow but that’s a project for another day. Does anyone else have a pop of color front door like mine? I’d love to see pictures!


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