Glam Team Master Class

I recently went to an awesome class in white plains, it was taught by Priscilla Distasio and Julius Michael! They do all the hair and makeup for the channel Bravo, like the real housewives & vanderpump rules cast! Which if you know me I’m obsessed with brava I’ll watch anything on that channel almost all my favorite shows are on it!

The class was set up in a hotel with breakfast and lunch included which was amazing. The teachers were amazing! The lighting set up was great we could see absolutely everything they were doing up on stage. They kept everyone so engaged and I learned so many new tips and tricks.

The biggest thing I learned was how to prep the skin before the foundation so that no matter what kind of skin you have, aging, acne prone, dry or normal you use this one same recipe and it comes out flawless no mater what! Im not going to share all my secrets but keep tuned for makeup how to’s in the future where I apply some of the techniques I learned. Julius Michael showed us out to create a “faux bob” on someone with long hair without having to cut their actual hair! So interesting, I learned more than I even expected!

We got to meet Jennifer, Margaret and Marg Sr. at the class which was so cool because Margaret is my favorite! They were all so real and kind, they both said don’t believe everything you see on tv, that it’s edited down to certain moments sometimes that make it look like the situation is way more dramatic. They also said when they joined the real housewives franchise they didn’t realize that it’s absolutely not scripted! (which I was surprised to hear! I’d thought at least SOME of it was) We brought home a giant goodie bag of high quality products that I’m so excited to try! Overall we had a successful time at this class and I can’t wait to take my next makeup class in the future!


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