Makeup Products

Below I’ve listed some the products used in my new makeup tutorial on my Instagram story “Makeup”

Bossy Lip Matte Color: This stays on ALL DAY, No joke. You really have to scrub to get it off. With that said, I love it! I can put it on in the morning and not have to worry about my lipstick fading even after eating on my lunch break. I never had to reapply all of my 12 hour work day! I’m getting more colors ASAP!

Brighten me Baby Highlighter I’m obsessed with this highlight! I just tried it for the first time today and it shows up so nicely without looking cakey it’s amazing.

Carbon Black Liner: L’Oréal eyeliner this is my staple drug store eyeliner. It has a little thing tiny brush that makes it easy to paint a clean line. I love how it’s a bold black so that it shows up nicely and doesn’t fade throughout the day.

Skin so Flawless Cexy serum contains a multi-targeted 20% Vitamin C and Active Complex system which helps support healthy collagen production, brighten the skin, guards against free radicals and fights against aging! I put this on before my foundation, and sometimes I’ll apply it over my foundation to look a little more Dewey! It’s that light that it doesn’t get crazy oily.

Romantic Rose Blush: High quality for affordable price blush, I can not say enough about these blushes. These are the only drug store blushes I’ve fallen in love with, they apply so smooth and pretty!

Too Faced Contour Kit: All time favorite contour kit. Makes contouring so easy and so glowy! My only negative is how fast the creamy light shade gets used up. I mix the two darker colors so I run out of them later down the road.

Studio Effect Lashes These are on major sale right now! They’re so soft and wispy looking so they blend in nicely with the natural lashes.

Hazel Brow Pencil easy to use and so cheap! I have basically no eyebrows as you can see in my Instagram tutorial and this makes it look like I have natural shape! My favorite part is that it has a little brush on the end to soften the brow.

Real Techniques Beauty Blender: in my video I say I use the equate brand (Walmart) as my favorite beauty blender but I MEANT real techniques beauty blender. I confused them because you can buy them both at Walmart, and equate is the Walmart brand. Both are great but real technique’s quality for the price blows all the other beauty blenders I’ve tried out of the water.


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