Beaches & Cream

If you love ice cream the best place to get some when visiting Disney is Beaches and Cream! It’s located at Disney’s Beach Club Resort and its a good idea to make a reservation ahead of time. When we went we got lucky it was around noon and they were having a quiet day so we put our names on the waiting list and only waited about 10 minutes to be seated!

They do have a full menu with food like burgers, sandwiches and fries! We got some fries which were really good! We wish we’d had more room because we would’ve ordered the most popular item on the menu for our meal, “the kitchen sink”! The kitchen sink is a sundae that serves about four people and it’s served in a dish that actually looks like a sink! When you order this they flash the lights and tell you all about what’s in the kitchen sink in cute little spiel. I’m looking forward to visiting again very hungry and ordering the kitchen sink one day! I opted for the cookies and cream sundae with two Oreos as Mickey ears! Too cute. My husband and I shared and still had some left, it was huge! We loved this place and will definitely be back in the future.


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