Before She Knew Him

For Christmas my dad got me subscription to Book of The Month which you can sign up for online here. You pay for a certain amount of months and you get to pick from a list of different genres of books each month and choose one to be sent to you. I’m big into the mysteries and physiological thrillers so this choice was a no brained for me! Even without a book of the month subscription you can find these books online or at book stores.

I got the book Before She Knew Him which is about a young couple who moves into a neighborhood where they meet and become friends with their direct next door neighbors. Their neighbors host a small dinner get together and the couple notices something off during the night at their house. The story unfolds from there! It bounces between the two neighbor couples points of view which I think is so interesting and has a MAJOR twist at the end. Definitely a must read! Let me know what you guys think if you read this too.

Before She Knew Him on amazon for 16.40


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