Evvie Drake Starts Over

Funny story, my dad actually took this out of the library because he heard it was amazing & knew I’d love it, it had a LONG waiting list so he put himself in line and got it to me ASAP! He was right, it was fantastic!

The first chapter sets the tone for the entire book, about a woman who is in a bad marriage, planning to get out of it, and something shocking happens that changes everything for her. After finishing the first chapter of the book I literally said out loud to Adam, “wow this is gonna be good!” Haha!

Later she has a tenant in her backyard apartment named Dean, who has been going through his own struggles over the years with his professional baseball career.

It’s a romance (which y’all know are my favorites) it’s a MUST read! It was so heartfelt and real. Don’t pass this one up!

Evvie Drake Starts Over: $12.99 on Amazon


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