Doctor Apt

I hardly slept last night because I was stressing over whether or not it would be a good idea with how many people in my area are affected by the virus to go to my prenatal apt today. My doctor called this morning and let me know all our non essential appointments will be virtual calls now.. this made me feel relieved, but also a little guilty I wasn’t able to check up on my little babe’s heartbeat. Next ultrasound is in 3 weeks so that makes me feel a little better.
This has been a crazy time to be pregnant, and I’m thankful for all the people who are still working so hard in healthcare, you all are amazing. Just trying to focus on all the positives right now & take it day by day.

Eyelash Tee: $12 Wearing a medium just twisted and tucked.

Skirt: $7 Wearing a small

Shoes: $15 mine without the backs are in store only, but these are the same just have backs to them.


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