Like to Know it!

Exciting news!! I’ve been accepted into the program! Now shopping my pictures will be even easier! After downloading the free app to your phone (or simply finding me on your website under @BrennainBliss if you’re reading from your computer) you can screen shot or click any of my pictures going forward on Instagram & the app/website! This means every detail in the picture linked will be sent to your app or email! My content will now instantly be available for you to along with anything I post (sale items, home, makeup ect!) I will be posting a tutorial of how to use on my Instagram stories to make it even simpler for you all. I love this app & am so excited to finally be apart of it! If you find shopping through my blog easier I will still be posting on here just updating the links through this new program. If you have any questions please ask and thank you for all your support in growing my blog!

Outfit & Home details linked here


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