B. Tan Self Tanner

I recently decided to try out a super cheap self tanner ($10!!!) it’s a self tanning mousse, I was very skeptical at first given the price but figured nows the time to try new things with being stuck at home.

First I exfoliated in the shower then came out pat myself dry and applied mousse with a mitt. It went on grey and ashy looking at first but then after 10 minutes it started to develop into a beige tone. I did my hands LAST and applied that by pumping the mousse on the mitt and using a fluffy cheap makeup brush to fade it onto my hands.

The instructions say it’s a 1 hour express mousse but can be left on for 8+ hours, after watching it for about an hour I decided to leave it on all night.

First impression was that it didn’t have a bad self tanner smell, it was only sticky feeling for about the first 15 min so I stood in front of my fan and let it air dry before putting loose clothing on.

I washed my hands at the half hour-45 min mark then applied regular lotion to my hands and feet (so they wouldn’t get too dark) then pat my wrists dry with a towel. I slept in loose clothes on my brand new light blue sheets and luckily no staining of the sheets or transfer of color! That was impressive because I’ve definitely had some uhohs with self tanner and sheets in the past.

When I woke up I was so in love with how this tan came out!!! It said to rinse in the shower for about a minute with no soap so I did that came out and moisturized and these were my results. Absolutely love and will be using this all the time in the future!

Find the self tanner here!

I used “Tanned AF” but there are other lighter shades you can use as well!


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