Hospital Bag Pack

I finally finished packing my hospital bags! Feels so good to have everything complete! I’m listing some things I’ve packed in my bags, most of what I’ve packed it from advice from other moms or from the list the hospital gave me. Some of these things you may not feel you need, or maybe your hospital provides for you! Hospital bags are 100% optional and based on your own personal preference. For me it’s to make me it’s to feel more comfortable in the hospital and you can bring as much and as little as you would like.

Stuff for Mom

Hospital Bag: I’m using a mini suit case the same size as this one to hold all my things!

Nursing Friendly PJ’s: I’m bringing two pairs, I’ve heard it’s chilly in the hospital so this one has long sleeves and it’s so soft! Another option is this one that I’m also bringing this grey nightgown that’s easy to nurse in as well. These will be great postpartum as well when I’m just home learning a routine with baby.

Nursing Bra’s: These are so comfy & fit bigger busted ladies as well! I got a size large and I’ve been wearing them now because I love them so much! I’m bringing two or three!

Going Home Outfit: I’m wearing this for when we leave the hospital because it’s loose, comfy, flowy, and forgiving since I’ll probably still have a belly. I got a size medium! If it’s chilly by September (hoping not!) I’ll throw a jean jacket over it.

Post Partum Belly Wrap: I have heard this one is amazing and a great price!

No slip socks


Toiletry Bag:

Makeup Bag:

  • Waterproof Mascara:
  • CC cream: I don’t want anything heavy just something light I can throw on for pictures! This one is great because it adjusts to your skin tone and looks like skin, not cakey!
  • Hair ties: these are my absolute favorite because they don’t leave dents in your hair! Love them!
  • Eyeliner: Love the urban decay one because it doesn’t budge, tons of color options I’m going to wear the smoke color because it’s a pretty soft grey color.
  • Nude Lipstick: my favorite nude, it’s fabulous on all skin tones and very natural looking.
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Bronze
  • Blush

Folding Travel Mirror

Things for Baby

Swaddle: For first pictures in the hospital!

Bows: The flower one is the one I’m using with her swaddle

Newborn hats

Going Home Outfits: These gowns are adorable and easy to put on baby

Baby Socks

Baby Shusher




Nursing Pillow

The hospital said they will be supplying diapers and wipes for baby so I don’t have to pack those! Make sure your car seat is installed before the big day, we installed the doona car seat/stroller in my car and a graco car seat in my husbands car. The graco one grows with them from infant to when they get older and the doona is more for when they’re little!

Bag for Dad

Extra Long Charger

Sweatpants and socks/underwear

Dad T-Shirt

Two Pillows: One for me one for him!

Bath Towel

His Slippers

I am also bringing a bag of snacks! The hospital informed me due to Covid the cafeteria is closed to they advised to bring protein bars, and packaged snacks! This is the bag I’m carrying all the snacks in and I’ve also folded up a little reusable tote bag to fill with all the things the hospital gives you to bring home!

Hoping this post helps other first time mama’s out on what they may want to bring to the hospital!


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