After months of decorating the nursery is finally complete and I was so excited to share with you all!

  • Crib: This crib is similar to the one we have! We unfortunately don’t know where ours is from, but I love the black trim.
  • Crib Bumper: $67 for ours but price depends on the multiple colors & sizes! We will be taking all bumpers, blankets & stuffed animals out of the crib when baby is in it, but she will be sleeping in the snoo for the first six months so it’s mostly decorative!
  • Elephant Hamper: $69 My mom found this & we love it!
  • Removable Peel & Stick Wallpaper: Price varies on size! We found it very affordable compared to other options we’d looked at. We were skeptical of how hard this would be to put up and were so surprised out how much we love it. So happy we got it, you can message the seller and even get custom measurements. It was SO easy for two people to just put up, and if you mess up by accident you just peel it back and redo!
  • The Nanit Baby Monitor: $379 for the complete but it is on sale today!! I’d heard amazing things about this monitor! It’s on sale for a limited time, I bought the complete system and so far baby isn’t even here yet and we already know we are going to love it! There is so much included, specifically the breathing wear so you can monitor them & get alerts if something is wrong! It tells you the humidity & temp in the room, has night vision and an HD camera that links to your phone (you can add multiple accounts for hubby, grandma & grandpa babysitter ect) I could go on and on! Definitely makes me feel better as a mama knowing my baby will be sleeping safe. We are taking the camera off the wall mount and attaching to the snoo for the first six months. It can travel with you which is awesome!
  • Bedding Set: $129 has a beautiful crib skirt included as well! We love the blanket we think we’ll use it as a background for pictures of her.
  • Rocking Chair Cushions: Price depends on what you choose! Many different patterns & colors! So comfy & soft! We decided against arm covers since I’ll be using a boppy or my brestfriend when I nurse.
  • Spectra Breast Pump: $160 This is the breast pump I was recommended from my other mom friends! It has very easy straightforward controls and I’m excited to use it. Plus it’s pink!!! You can also look for this option through and use your insurance to get it for under $100!
  • The elephant doll is a cuddle + kind eloise doll! We love these! Every doll gives 10 meals to people in need!
  • Tutu Elephant Doll: $28 We found this one on Etsy! So adorable!
  • Accent Pillow: $20 I love this little pillow!
  • Toy Box: $96 The perfect white toy box with deep storage! We may get her name painted on it but not sure!
  • Cinderella Diaper Bag: $165 My favorite diaper bag ever! So gorgeous! And so many pockets inside and out for convenience.
  • Bookshelf: $120 We’ve been filling it with books for baby girl & little knick knacks!
  • Her elephant picture is from home goods!
  • Pink Hamper: $29.99
  • Dresser: $129 Lots of room in these drawers! We are organizing newborn clothes in top drawer & then 0-3 months/3-6 in second drawer and so on as you go down.
  • Elephant Night Light: $15 a gift from my mom! You can change the colors of the night light too!
  • Curtain Rods: $7
  • Curtains: $26 loved the floral pattern on these!
  • Humidifier: $50 we got the grey one!
  • Peekaboo Elephant: $30 so adorable it sings & plays peekaboo with baby!
  • Window Blinds: $16
  • Accessory Holder: $16 we used this to display some of her headbands!
  • Jewelry Box: $45 has a little ballerina inside!
  • Dockatot: Usually $195 but On sale for $30 off today! I have heard these are a must have for naps, lounging, feeding ect! It’s got a handle so you can bring it with you everywhere.

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