Makeup Hospital Bag

What I’m taking in my hospital makeup bag – keeping it simple with a few of my favorites for photos in the hospital. Who knows I may end up ditching wearing makeup all together while I’m in there but it never hurts to be prepared! These are a few of my essentials that make me feel more put together, and they’re all insanely affordable. I purposely picked ones I knew were great but also cheaper because I had to buy all new makeup so I wasn’t rushing to pack what I have out already on my vanity when I go into labor!

Real Techniques Beauty Blender: $4 this is the one makeup product I can’t live without!!! It applies liquid foundation & cc creams flawlessly! The trick is to wet it in the sink let it absorb water than squeeze excess out so it’s damp, then dip into your foundation! I’ve used the original $20 beauty blender and can honestly say I love this one more and it’s way more affordable.

Foundation: $4 this is one of my go-to’s when I’m at the drugstore, for being so cheap it applies amazing and lasts the entire day. Makes my skin look glowy and even and doesn’t oxidize on me! I wear soft beige most of the time, or porcelain when I’m not self tanning. I personally like the dewy version but the regular is just as good if you have more oily skin!

Concealer: $3 a great concealer that doesn’t crease on me and brightens up my under eye circles, which I’m sure I’ll need in the hospital from the lack of sleep! I use their lightest shade because I like my under eye area very bright. Don’t use your fingers to rub this in, instead lightly dab with your beauty blender!

Bronzer: $4 I chose this one because it’s very natural looking just gives you a little pick me up glow, if I want to contour I layer it but I usually take a fluffy brush and go around my hairline, cheekbones and jawline. You really only want to put bronzer where the sun would naturally hit for best results!

Bronzer Brush: $5 great affordable brush!

Blush brush: $3 this one is fluffier so it applies lightly, you won’t mess up using this! A trick if ever applying your bronzer or blush too heavy handed is take your beauty blender and lightly dab over the edges of where you applied product! Comes out much softer.

Blush: $3 I wanted to choose something natural this isn’t TOO pink but gives enough of a rosy glow to warm up any skin tone.

Lip Color: $5 secret muse lipstick! this is a fantastic deal, the color is gorgeous and I consider it a neutral because it pretty much goes with anything you wear! It’s like a light mauve color to give your lips a little color without looking like you’re wearing heavy lipstick.

Brow Pencil: $4 so easy to use, even has a spool on the end to blend out any uhoh’s you make! I use the color blonde moments to fill in and line my brows.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen: $3 this is great, it comes out really pigmented and doesn’t budge once it’s on! Plus it’s a pen so it’s easy to use. I will definitley need waterproof for the hospital!

Bad Gal Bang Mini: $13 I got these mini’s in my birthday gift from Ulta, so excited to try! I’m bringing two mini’s so if I don’t like one I can switch for the other but I’ve heard great things about both of them! The other one is Roller Lash which I’ve heard is good for getting good length and curl.

Eyelashes: $12 for a pack, now this is totally something you could leave out and be totally fine for pictures with but I love my eyelashes and these are my favorite most natural looking set! I’ve removed one pair and cut them to fit my eyes already so I’ll be bringing those along with a tiny eyelash glue for the hospital. I may not put these on at all but for me they take two seconds since I’m used to wearing them every day, so why not!

Makeup Bag: $6 holds everything I’ve listed here comfortable and is so cute! I didn’t want anything too big.

Fold Up Mirror: $9 has a little base so it stays up by itself! It folds up easily to fit in your hospital bag.


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