Home Before Dark

I have read a ton of Riley Sager’s books, and this by far was the best to me! This is my new favorite thriller 100%! My husband read it first & told me how awesome it was, then I started to read it in the middle of the night and got so scared I had to resume in the day time!
5 year old Maggie & her family lived in an old home with history to it, they lived their for 20 days before they fled in the middle of the night. Her father later goes on to write a book about their experiences with ghosts in that same home, that Maggie grows up believing are total lies to get a good book deal, and 25 years later when her father passes she inherits the house. She returns to renovate and sell it but learns a lot more about her past than she expected. A MUST read if you’re into supernatural/thriller books!

Find the book here!


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