My Top 10 Baby Must Haves

1. Baby Shusher: $15 We packed this in our hospital bag thinking we wouldn’t use it, and have ended up using it every single day since we’ve had our baby! It makes white noise shushing sounds which soothes baby, so during diaper changes, getting ready to put her to bed, or just anytime you need to calm her down we use it and it works like a charm! She loves this so much more than our portable sound machine. You can adjust the volume and the length you want the shushing to go on for as well. This has been a must!

2. Haakaa: $12 So this is AMAZING if you’re breastfeeding, it says it’s a manual pump, which you can use it for but I mainly use it to catch my letdown when I’m nursing on the opposite breast. So if you’re nursing on the left attach it to your right and it catches all the milk you would’ve wasted in a breastpad and you can save it to build up your supply! I use it while pumping with my Spectra Breastpump as well to catch letdown. I’ve saved up a nice supply just because of this and I’m so glad I found it. It comes with different accessories but if you’re just using it the way I am you don’t even need the cap ect. just pour it into a regular bottle to store in fridge or freezer milk bag.

3. My Brestfriend Pillow: $38 I brought a regular original boppy to the hospital because it was easier to carry in size, and regretted not bringing the my brestfriend pillow as soon as I started breastfeeding. The boppy seemed to push away from my body as I nursed and the my brestfriend locks into place and gives the baby a comfortable place to lay even as you adjust positions. I only use this one now!

4. Elephant Night Light: $15 This nightlight has been great because I keep it on my bedside end table and turn it on when she wakes to feed, it’s just enough light for me to see but not too much where it’s too bright keeping her wide awake. It changes colors too so we usually use the dim purple color, it’s not heavy so we carry it with us into her nursery to change her diaper too so we aren’t turning overhead lights on.

5. Snoo: This bassinet was our biggest splurge for baby, but we’d heard so many amazing things and kept going back and forth on whether it would be worth it or not for months, then we finally purchased in about a month before she arrived. We are SO glad we did because we can’t imagine how either of us or even baby would get any sleep in a regular bassinet at this point. She only wakes up about once or twice in the night and sleeps long hours of stretches till I wake her up to feed. It gives me and my husband a break because it senses when she cries and rocks her back to sleep depending on her level of crying. If she continues to cry after passing all the levels we know it’s time to take her out and change her diaper or feed her. It includes swaddles of different sizes that keep her feeling snug and don’t allow her to turn or roll in her sleep either so we have peace of mind she is safe. This is my #1 can’t live without baby item right now! There is even a weaning mode for when she’s older and ready to go into her crib.

6. Ubbi Diaper Pail: We have only used this diaper pail but it’s been great because it doesn’t smell, you can buy the ubbi bags to go with it but it works with regular trash bags as well!

7. Lotus Bath: $40 this bathtub has been fantastic because it’s suitable for newborns since they cannot hold their heads up by themselves, you can pop in the sink or sitting up against something in the tub! We’ve been using ours every night because Alanna has been completely calmed before bed by bath time! To not dry her skin out we just use warm water and only do soap every 2-3 days. The lotus bath holds the warm water to keep them cozy! We got ours in pink but it comes in a ton of gender neutral colors.

8. Doc a Tot Deluxe: We love the doc a tot because newborns sleep a ton during the day, especially my Alanna! So when she’s napping or she just needs a place to lounge we put her in the lounger and it can be easily transported anywhere. We also have a boppy lounger that’s more affordable and serves the same purpose, there is a more gender neutral option in this lounger as well!

9. Doona Stroller: I absolutely LOVE this stroller, I can’t say enough about it! It easily becomes a car seat from a stroller in a few easy clicks and it has an adjustable handlebar for different heights! (great for this short girl!) it is a really smooth ride for her walks and comes in adorable colors.

10. Baby Gowns: Alanna lives in these!! They are so easy for diaper changes because they’re open at the bottom, I always get sizes 0-6 months and they fit great, if they’re a tiny bit long in the sleeves you can just roll the sleeve a little bit. They keep them warm and cozy and make your life a whole lot easier! I linked neutral ones but here are some of my favorites Alanna owns.


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