Most Helpful Postpartum Products

Sharing some of the not so glamorous side of having a baby, postpartum care! These are what I found MOST helpful after delivery of my first baby, I packed a ton of things in my hospital bag but this is what I needed and used multiple times daily while recovering. Hope they make your recovery easier as well, and remember to give yourself time & grace your body just did an amazing thing!

Nursing Gowns: The hospital will give you the kind that ties in the back, these are great because they have long sleeves (it’s really cold in the hospital!) and they are soft, open in the front so if you’re nursing it’s easy access. I live in these even being home now! Here is the other nursing gown I also wear all the time but with short sleeves.

FridaMom Ice Pads: I thought these were amazing! The hospital will give you ice pads but they only stay cool for about 20 minutes before they stop working and need to be changed. These stay cool for at least an hour and provide a ton of relief. I used as many as the hospital ones I could and lined them with witch hazel pads which I’ll share next, to keep them cooler longer. Then I stocked up on the fridamom ice pads for at home use!

Witch Hazel Pads: These are fantastic because they’re much larger than the tucks pads, they give you these in the hospital but you will need more once you’re home! I actually ordered some on amazon while in the hospital knowing I would need them still once I was home. The witch hazel is cooling and keeps you clean. I lined three up on a ice pad, and once I’d reached the point in my recovery where I didn’t need the ice pads any longer I lined these up in regular pantyliners.

FridaMom Peri Bottle: The one they give you in the hospital is nothing compared to this, this has a downward spout so it provides a lot more relief & comfort than the regular squirt bottle they give you. I used this one the entire time I was in the hospital and was so happy I brought it.

Oversized Underwear: Buy panties in a size bigger than you usually would wear to put the ice pads in and for ultimate comfort, especially if you have a c section you don’t want anything tight on that area. The hospital will give you mesh underwear but they are very thin.

Stretch Mark Cream: I was told it’s important to continue to use stretch mark cream even after the baby has arrived because your body is still going through a lot of stretching and changes!

Nursing Pads: If you decide to breastfeed this is major, the hospital doesn’t provide and nursing pads so you have to bring your own. I couldn’t go without these or I would be constantly having to change my clothes!

PostPartum Belly Band: This has been awesome because it keeps everything in place after you have a baby by keeping your abdominal muscles from relaxing too much! It promotes uterine contractions to tighten everything back up, you can adjust the tightness you want it. I started wearing it a day or two after I had my baby and I’m 3 weeks postpartum wearing it for a few hours a day and I’m down 20 out of the 30 pounds I gained. I think it’s helped a lot, I still think breastfeeding had a lot to do with my weight loss but this has helped everything feel back in place. It also gives me great back support.

Cushion: I had a lot of bruising & also had to get internal stitches, this was a life saver for driving home from the hospital, sitting in chairs ect. Just takes the pressure off.

Nursing Bras: These are the best nursing bras I have found! They’re comfortable, I can sleep in them without feeling like I’m wearing a bra at all. Also they come in a pack of three! I ordered a large and I’m a 34DD. I was wearing these even before baby!

The Dermaplast and Colace are given to you by hospital, but I recommend buying a few bottles of both because you will run out! The colace I recommend taking before you even have your baby and continue to take for some time after, but check with your doctor.


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